The purpose of this project I'm calling Urbvan Dwelling, is to live happily, comfortably and by choice, in a transportable micro home, built in a van.


Also to inform others how they can live in a way to help themselves get out of debt, live a more free and independent lifestyle, live more environmentally conscience, etc; all while still living within a metropolitan area of a city. I want to break the stereotypes about people who choose to have a transportable home as their primary dwelling.


Most importantly, Reno is to be a crucial factor in this storytelling. I love Reno and it is a truly great place to live and thrive. In my opinion, Reno is becoming the next Portland or Silicon Valley. The culture of this town lives because of the people who breath life into it.


I want to collaborate with awesome local businesses and help connect them with the ever changing community, so we become the breath of the city. We become the people who really care and are eager to help other people grow and succeed with ideas like working for trade or helping out younger businesses / and entrepreneurs with organic mentoring.


All under the name of Reno.

Currently I'm Building. . .


2 van dwellings - One to live and one to give!


Mom - a 15 passenger van.

Dad - a conversion van and

current residence.



Connections in the community.



Experiential Design, Social Media and Marketing

for Global Coffee


Web Dev for RAWBRY, Chomp and

The Basement Reno


Graphic Design for Kanna Reno

I build and craft businesses from the ground up . . . from developing your brand and a logo, to going digital with a website and an eCommerce store. Then we'll add a POS to finish out the whole sh'bang with a seamless brick-n-mortar customer purchasing experience.


This applies to many different types of business experiences.


CLICK and let's start building!

I also get to do all this through the hopeful help of generous, like-minded individuals and businesses in and around Reno, Nevada.


CLICK to help this mission along.